Stark Industries Grenade Case


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Hey all, I usually lurk around here and do not post to much, but I picked this Stark Industries Crate up at a store in Orlando this week (along with a sideshow collectables Iron Man Bust) and I wanted to show it off, plus ask if you guys know anything else about it. I did some searching, and not to much came up. It is screen used from the First Movie and snagged it for 100 dollars. If any one wants to replicate this, I figured I would post some photos of it as reference. Pretty cool. I am especially interested since it has circular wear marks on the bottom that it may have had some grenades in it and top opened in the scene where he exits the cave from the first movie.

2015-08-08 16.04.10.jpg 2015-08-08 16.04.35.jpg 2015-08-08 16.07.25.jpg 2015-08-08 16.07.34.jpg


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Looks like a standard DoD shipping crate for M67 Grenades. M67 Grenades are the current type of grenades we use, known as "baseball" style vs the older "pineapple". They are shipped in metal and cardboard containers a bit larger than a Cambell's Chunky Soup can.

If I still had access to a couple systems (I got out of the Army a few months ago) I could tell you when that lot was produced.

The really long number is the NSN (National Stock Number, IE the individual ID/part number of everything in the military): 1330-01-563-0592 (

The G881 refers to a DODIIC number, but also specifies the exact type of M67 Frag (there are other versions).
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