Stargate Bast and Jaffa?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by SgtFang, Jun 2, 2006.

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    So my wife and I finally got hooked on SG1 a few months ago, and the other night, my wife has the idea of doing a Stargate-style take on Bast, the cat goddess. I take the idea a step further with the idea of dressing a couple of our hotter lady friends up as scantily clad, cat themed Jaffa with Anubis styled helmets w/ cat heads instead of the jackals to follow her around as bodyguards.

    Today I found out that they've already had Bast in a couple season 5 eps, but I can't find any pics of her.

    Can anyone w/ the DVDs do me some vidcaps? Does she have any kind of thrilling headgear?


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    Season 5: episodes "summit" and "last stand" I believe.

    Bastet card
    Bast & servant
    You can see one of her servants behind her.
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    I think that would be an awesome Idea... Make the helmets in the style of the Anubis from the Movie and it would be fantastic.

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