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Can anyone tell me what the small spring (see attached sketch) behind the P1 release mechanism box is for in the Greg Jein (GJ) pistol phaser?

And does anyone have a working drawing for this Desilu Prop Department made piece of the prop or can anyone describe the mechanism?

Thanks in advance!

GJ P2 part Q.png
Alley - I have not seen this film before. Is this the GJ? Thank you for posting it! Many questions now answered.
Leinads, Sorry for the delay in responding. No - I am finishing a book on Hero Phasers. I had a chapter on P2 internal parts and I realized that I never saw anything on the P1 lock mechanism when I was on the TPZ.
Hey no worries. A book on hero phasers? Very cool. Sounds like it’s right up our collective alley. That read definitely seems like the inspiration to start a build!
Recently did the same (partially.) It seems like I have less time now if that’s even possible? I have my pile of styrene, metals, tools and plans on my bench. Contemplating using that as the pic for my hero phaser, “day one” shot hahaha
Leinads, Thanks for the info and the links.

I have been looking at all of the options out there since I started writing my book the first week in May. I found the new Johnpaul Trek eBay listings and the eCrater link.

I special ordered a built-up P2 from "Federation Phaser" back in the early 2000s. (Which was right after I ordered my Master Replicas P2.) It had a rising site on the P1 and 9 sounds on the P2. He does excellent work. I had ordered a set of long P2 shells from "Sporak" because I was all set to order a JLong P1 kit - when I was laid off in 2011. I also had another order budgeted with Federation Phaser...

I worked hard to reach the height of my career/buying power at the time and I was lucky enough to be able to purchase whatever I wanted.

Before "life" struck me down - I was set to build or have built 4 P2 kits and 2 P1 kits. I had a crate of DS B&W P2s. (DS would not sell just one.) And one of every AA/DS P2 that was made. As well as several custom built P2s with rechargeable batteries in the power pack grip.

Looking back I am amazed what I was able to collect. Sadly I had to sell almost all of it. Fortunately the last items I purchased were two Wand Company P2s. I am seriously considering adding metal to my first WC P2 which took a spill from desktop hutch... If not I can at the very least place my WC P1 into my MR P2.

At the very least I will be ordering a metal P1 release pin for my DS all gray P2. The P1 lock is broken. I bought several of these because I liked the non-ratcheting (smooth) power setting dial and the silver paint is so vibrant I think some clear coat paint will make the silver parts look like real metal. (If not - they will be replaced.)

I looked at "Chrisisall" DS TOS P2 conversion thread last night.* My days of being able to special order builds from Federation Phaser are gone.
So I will have to muddle through with my limited model makings skills. Though I was pleasantly surprised with the way my P1 turned out back in 2012. I had to have a P1 that was like the TMOST for my MR P2.

So now after a long struggle and Herculean trials I can finally get back to making (and when possible collecting) Star Trek TOS phasers.

* Yes, another Diamond Select TOS phaser toy-to-prop-replica conversion.
Yep - I have often thought what I would have given for an AA P2 back in 1967 when I was 10 years old...

An example of what I am talking about when it comes to accepting my poor modeling/craftsmanship skills (though I am improving) - as soon as I saw the WC Mood rock - I wanted to put that B&W P1 into my last DS B&W P2 because the black plastic looks more like the original B&W P2 that Kirk holds when he walks into Dr. McCoy's cabin to kill the salt monster in episode 6, "The Man Trap". (Of course the correct metal parts would have to be added.)

Its been great - however my new boss is calling. Later.

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