Spllinter Cell Goggles


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Hello Rpf I am making a Sam Fisher cosplay/costume from Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell . Right know I have his rifle the SC-20K(Which is a FN2000), I am working on the SC pistol(which is a FN-57) and most importantly I am attempting to make the iconic goggles he wears and what makes the series stand out. For those of you who know what I am talking about then it is safe to say that the goggles are the most difficult and most important part of the entire outfit. I have been trying the pepakura files that rundown has made and have made a mold made out of clay so far. What I want to do is use a heat gun and form plastic over the mold and get a plastic form. Unfortunately I have tried this method and what happens is the plastic bubbles and it sticks to the mold.
Here are some pics of what I mean:

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As you can see it is warped and has lots of bubbles. I am new to this this is the third piece of plastic I have worked on. I am new to using a heat gun.
This is the one I use.

Please enlighten me as to what I should do. Thank you