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I'm after a few ideas if you'll indulge me.

I'm creating a classic Spider-Man suit, and have got myself stuck in the suits webbing.

I'd love to have something like the Raimi suits raised webbing, but dont want to pay for the prefab pieces, sculpt my own in the same fashion, or use puff paint. And ideally looking to avoid screen printing every piece too.

It kinda needs to stretch with the suit as well.

Has anyone had any genius ideas for the webbing?

Thanks all!


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Yeah, unless you're really careful, puff paint can end up looking pretty crappy. And I remember it cracking after a while on shirts I painted with it.

You could use two part silicone putty like this
It's mainly for making molds, but if you roll it thin, it sets after a minute or two and becomes pretty tough and flexible.

Other option I can think of is to buy a spool of Ninjaflex 3D print filament. Really tough, really flexible, and of course, keeps a nice consistent width. Not sure if it's as stretchy as you would need it, and also has a pretty limited selection of colors.
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1. This thread is better suited for the Marvel subforum

2. Pretty tough to do if you don't want puff paint, or to buy the pieces OR mold them yourself. Your only alternative that is really feasible would be to use FilaFlex or Ninjaflex and 3D print the webs. That said, it'd be a royal pain in the ass to 3D model them to the perfect shape and scale of the suit, especially if the suit has pre printed web lines. Further, they wouldn't be perfectly smooth on top due to the limitations printing resolutions in most printers. Also, who knows if it would stretch enough compared to the lycra, or have any longevity. It could also be very expensive to pull off properly.


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Thanks for the ideas.

Suddenly thought about a potentially quick method - masking tape (or frog tape for the edge bleeding properties). Mask out the areas on each piece, and then effectively screenprint over the top - like a stencil. I read an article about adding a little puff paint to screen printing paints as well, to give a slight rise when heated.

My suit is a from scratch job, so I have a blue 2 piece thermal suit, then red fabric to make the rest out of, so can do piece by piece.

Anyone heard of this being attempted/achieved/struck off before? Might give it a test run with some scraps.

Also, how can I move this thread to the Marvel subforum?
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