Spider-man web strand

Viktor Boskovic

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I've tried a fairly extensive search for a tutorial on how to make a web strand prop and come up with nothing. Basically I was just thinking a few strands of fishing wire mixed in with a few strands of white cotton all twisted together and given a coat of hot glue. Goin to clamp one end and stick the other ends in a drill to twist them quicker

Does anybody have any alternative recommendations for making one or is that pretty much the method most people use?

I'm going for this sort I thing on photos



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I've read somewhere that someone used one of those long rolls of clear plastic bags.

Just unroll it and twist. It should give that same effect as the picture you provided.


Also heard the plastic bag method.
I was going to try some white yarn. water down some white craft glue and soak it a bit. Then wrap the strands together but glue some parts off of it while it spirals. either way have at it! there really is no right or wrong way!


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This is how I made mine.


"I made a 12 foot webline using aquarium air tubing, and gluing on continuous lengths of Rexlace, then looped spiral sections every 12" or so, and wrapping the junctions with more Rexlace for that comic spaghetti webbing look. The wrist ending / webshooter is just an aluminum bent bracket with a 90 degree bolt threaded and glued into the aquarium tubing. Works great for holding it in place, wrapping it around fans posing for pics, etc."



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strands of fishing line loosely twisted and woven together with strands of wrapping hot glue around the outside for decoration is the method I always heard of. Might be worth a try.

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