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This thread is for anyone interested in putting together a (Raimi) Spider-man suit or display. Please feel free to download, print and or alter any of these files for yourself personally or friends, but please refrain from any commercial use.

I had been messing with patterns, webbing, etc. for a while, but now with the simplicity and price of fabricondemand.com I have decided to go ahead and move forward.

Some things you will be able to find here are links to:

--Sizable .psd file for (Raimi) Spider-man--
It will be available in layers, 3d webs, muscle shading, colors, bricks, etc, so you may edit it how you like and send it to print! (always splurge for that sample print first!)

--3D CAD or 3D Print files for all of the webbing/spiders--
The idea is to use this file to print and cast or Mill and cast. The web file is being sized to precisely fit the color pattern file, so what ever you do to one, just do it to the other! * It is up to you to re-size the spider files.

--3D Print files for face shell and snap in eyes--
Once again, you will be able to print and/or cast these.

Anyway, that's it for now. Stay tuned.
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...and we begin.

Spider Files



These are the 3D files extruded to 2mm and slightly beveled.

3mm thick versions


2mm thick versions


Webbing Files

Zipped file for all of the web vectors.


Extruded/beveled 3D web files:

Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files
Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files

Pattern Files (Raimi Version)


Layered .psd (colors, muscle shading, bricks, webbing all separated)

Bricks only, non-distorted version.


Flattened (with webs) .jpg

NEWEST colors (web guides only, no spiders) "Ready-to-Upload" CMYK jpg


3D Print Ready Face Shell
Sized to 23cm in height - 3mm thickness
3D Face Shell - print ready .obj & .stl formats


3D Print Ready Lens Files

3D Lens Frames - print ready .obj & .stl formats
Sized to 85mm - Snap distance 3.2mm to accommodate 3mm thick face shell above + fabric


Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files
Meet Google Drive – One place for all your files
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Thanks Man! Cannot wait. :) People rather make money selling their patterns, so by you giving it away for free is awesome! Me personally I don't mind because I make cash doing commission patterns, but others might because they want the money they deserve for their hard work. I am actually tempted to give a away my Rami template but I have no clue to how to save it as an .ai file.
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Added 3d files for spiders.

I've been pouring through reference and their 2mm thickness seems about right.
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Added 3d files for spiders.

I've been pouring through reference and their 2mm thickness seems about right.

You might find that your webs might not be "tall" enough with that sort of a spider height. The webbing (Ignoring the parts where it gets thinner like on the face) tends to be lower than the spiders. My spider molds I have are right around the 3-3.5mm depth.

Here's a shot of a screen used chest to show the difference in height:


...Maybe make two sets of models one with shorter spiders and one with taller ones to give people the choice?

Seriously great project though. I'm interested to see it all come together.


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