Spartacus - Andy Whitfield - Passes...

Aw, man...I'd thought he was getting better. :(

That's a real shame. I was on the fence about Spartacus: Blood and Sand at first, but grew to really love it, and felt Whitfield's performance was spectacular. He'll be missed.
That's terrible, I also thought he was on the road to recovery.. Blood and Sand was an amazing series and he played the part perfectly. Gods of the Arena just wasn't the same, and I'll have a hard time seeing the new actor as Spartacus in the new season.
Yeah, I heard he was doing poorly recently. He had a period where he was doing better, but then started declining. That's a damn shame. What's so scary about it is that he looked so FIT as Spartacus. It freaks me out that if someone that fit could go from healthy to dead in just 18 months what about the rest of us?
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