Source for ID'ing scale model kits, etc.


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Was wanting to know where people find IDs for many of the star wars kits that were used for studio scale models? Or just a resource for IDs on scale model kits in general.
Yeah I have found searching helps on a lot of models, I just didn't know if there was a database somewhere that I may have been missing. I really want to take on some studio scale ships at some point, maybe even a probe droid!
There's plenty of online resource, but only holds a small portion of main offenders.
Best advice, be resourceful, even looking at builds, or built kit pics can turn parts up, and there is nothing like having in hand kits to look at too, even then parts get missed, its a big adventure, but a buzz nailing parts

Here is one ive found a few parts, not many on here, but still worth having, i bagged a very useful Mak donor on here for Jason a long time ago, so it has its uses.

Modellbau Kit-Ecke - Modellversium

The reality for many people interested in Studio Scale is simply having a large stash of models to look through. For the usual suspects, many of the known kits have been photographed and posted on-line.

It can be a lot of work, and get quite expensive. If you are into detective work (or jigsaws) it can be enjoyable and rewarding.

If you are looking for another source on-line, there is also the Resin Illuminati site and Studio Scale Modelers site.
Thanks so much for your help guys, I know it is going to be hard to ID everything, but for accuracy purposes whenever I get to building I'd love to have as many kits ID'd as possible.
No worries, parts ID is such a chore sometimes, but fun too, youll be surprised at the help around this board too.
What are you looking to ID at the moment?

I haven't decided 100% on what I am going to try and do first, probably a smaller star wars model to start with. Any recommendations?
I would say try to tackle one of the probe droid pods, Im working on the LR232 right now and it is a pretty straightfoward build thanks to all of the IDs that have already been confirmed and great buildups done.
I like to push for the Tie Bomber .. that's my first kit bashing project I'm doing although everything has already been IDed .. and it's really fun stuff -- when I have time to work on it! ;)
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