Some model kits from photos in ILM shop


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Hi folks, you know social media is a huge source now of images that go around. I found a bunch of model kits that may or may not have been noted already to be used in Star Wars

Wankel Rotary Engine

Tamiya McLaren M8A

Tamiya Ty??ell Ford F-4

Tamiya Ferrari 312B

Lotus 49B Ford F-1 1:12

Tamiya Texaco Marlboro M23 1:12

Panther G Panzerkampf Wagen V

Sherman tank - red stripe on box?

Bandai Nashorn Anti Tank Gun IV

ESCI BMW R75 1/9 Con Sidecar

Airfix Hawker Harrier

Panther G Panzerkampf Wagen V other brand (bigger)

Ferris File-a-wax block
Is this the picture?

Would love to see any more if you have them.

As the picture suggests, many of these kits donate to the 5' Falcon so they are fairly well known to those building it and other ANH era models.
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The red stripe Sherman is from Aurora and don't forget the shelves behind them full of AMT semi trucks and Revell F-4 Phantoms. I wish I had tons of clear photos of just the shelves full of models.
I was WONDERING about that fighter jet - they have tons of them. Is this just plain old f-4? The boxes are so ...just black and white. Some brand of 1:32 F-4E was used on the Cloud City blasters and the Jabba blasters that had green missiles.
I see the side of the Revell F-4J box is actually white with this detail - only the top of the box is the full color!
Probably not too terribly helpful, but here's a software upscaled version of the image above:

View attachment 1531079

I'm guessing someone probably has a natively higher-res version anyway...

Thats noticeably sharper with your tweaks to the image Dan, thank you!.

This is one of my favorite shots of inside the ILM modelshop, especially as we see the Falcon in the early stages of detailing!.

The Aurora aircraft kits seen here are the 'Giant Scale' series i believe. The Fokker, P40 & P51 Mustang.

Thank you! I, while not being a studio scale builder yet, find this laundry list of kits utterly fascinating. There are also a few greeblies on props that have gone unidentified for decades, and we prop people don't look at models for part sourcing usually... hoping I run across some.

The first time I saw the tank bodies on the falcoln I was like :O
Yea, I noticed... Seems to be the case with a lot of this hobby after a while.

It's wild that they used so... so many kits. At least, the research is fun to document it

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