Suggestion Solution for mobile viewing of the forum

Art Andrews

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Hahahaha.... you are SO on it!

We installed this just YESTERDAY on TDH as a testbed.

IMPORTANT!: Got an iphone, blackberry, android or nokia phone? If so, surf TDH faster!

We also have Forum Runner installled at TDH but it is limited to iphone while tapatalk also works for the droid and is soon supposed to work for backberry and others.

It is on the list and if the TDH test goes well, we will have it here very soon.

Poor TDH ends up being a tester for a lot of things we want to implement at the RPF.


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Looks good! I'm testing in out now and it loads quickly on my Motorola Droid over Verizon.

Once we install this at the RPF I may never put my phone down again! ;)