Solo Trooper Helmet maker question

His Etsy profile says he has good ratings, plus his facebook reviews look positive as well. Just make sure you use PayPal, and ensure you get your helmet before the time limit expires where you can't lodge a claim.

I bought one of these through Etsy, very pleased with service and quality. Very well packaged and great product.
I went for the unfinished helmet so bit of clean up required before painting, but very nice item (they can offer larger/smaller versions for appropriate body sizes). They do offer finished versions and paint jobs look good- there’s a couple of videos on YouTube.
It does appear Etsy takes a percentage, so they suggest ordering through their website for better deals (I went through Etsy, but as TazMan said, pay through PayPal and you’ll be protected).
I’m going to be ordering some complete sets over the new year (including FO stormtrooper which Anovos seem incapable of delivering), but keep an eye out as they do occasionally have sales.
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