So, who's got the best Nautilus kit these days?


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Like it says. Looking for a good Nautilus kit. Bigger the better!
Been out of the loop on these for years...

Jim Key just sold the 66"er pattern to someone, so you will be able to get a KILLER Nautilus soon.
1/32nd scale - I have one, and it's pretty damn fine.
Great minds think alike! I'm in the market for one too.

Riding the Little Nemo sub at Disneyland a few months ago brought back too many Nautilus memories from 20,000 Leagues at Walt Disney World.
The Engle Nautilus has shape & detail discrepancies that make her more trouble to rework than the value of the asking price.
The tail & the salon window assembly are very misshaped {to name two} & the side keel is missing a Ninth raker.

The Custom Replicas 66" is not 32nd scale { much closer to 1/35th & I can prove this}
It's a Good kit & if the master patterns get an overhaul while her ownership is in transition, it could be a Great kit.

I made a 35th scale Skiff with Interior. Due to numerous requests - I will be redoing the molds this Spring/Summer.


Dave McCamant is currently working up several very accurate Exterior & Interior detail upgrades for existing Nautilus kits & scratchbuilds.
Some are currently available from Shapeways with many, many, many more in the works.


I have your skiff and prop for the 66"er - awesome!

Is that Shapeways stuff going to be upped to 66"er scale?

I have most of the salon ready to go....

What did the 66" Key kit cost? Just trying to get a general idea of what these are running.

Thanks, Guys.

The last kits from the final V3 run were priced closer to $1800 {shipping Not included}. Every now & then - one shows up on Ebay priced anywhere from $800 to $1500. Typically these are in various stages of having been prepped &/or started. I have one that I could be talked into parting with... it's #1 from the 2nd run. PM me if interested.
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