Snowtrooper Armor Assembly

Discussion in 'Star Wars Costumes and Props' started by IanL, Dec 1, 2005.

  1. IanL

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    I recently acquired a set of snowtrooper armor. It's my first stab at assembling a set of vacuformed armor, and I am not sure how to go about it. Snowtroopers seem unrepresented on the internet with only a small handful of sites (studio creations, matthew impact) with info on the small details of the suits. I am not even sure how to piece the sections (helmet, backpack) together, whether they need to be carefully cut, sanded & pieced (my hand isn't that steady) or whether there's a less tedious way to do it. Are there any good tutorials out there, or anyone that wants to share their experience with putting together similar outfits? I would appreciate any help I can get.

    I created a FLickr website to show my progress here. Flickr
  2. darienvader

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  3. dkwd

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    Who (or where) is a good source to get the boots?

    With winter here, I'm looking to get some boots anyways. . .

  4. Phayze

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    I saw some canadian muck-lucks on for around 50 bucks not long ago. The stock varies there, so they may not have them anymore. I'm not entirely certain how accurate they would be, but at a glance they looked like the right boots to me.
  5. Stormtrooper

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    Not necessarily about the armour itself, but depending on how accurate you want your Snowtrooper to be, you might be interested in a replica ESB 'stunt' blaster as used by the Snowtroopers in ESB :D


    If accuracy isn't top-priority, then a repainted Kenner might be a better idea though :p

  6. dkwd

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    Those are definately the right boots. Just nothing left in a size between 8 and 13.

  7. Hand-Schaub

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    clamps and plastic fusion will make strong bonds and facilitate with your steady hands. Sand the contact points ith large grit so you have rough surfaces to attch together. Look at the pictures carefully.

    The chest armor uses rivets to hold the straps on which makes it easy to put together.

    I made squares of plastic with a snap in it to be glued in place. I used theplastic fusion to glue snaps in place for the shoulders and knees.

    For the packpack it might help to find some PVC tube to support the rounded edges on top and bottom. Cut the tubes in half to reduce weight. Cutting an access panel in the back of the backpack may help when installing straps.

    Hope hese pointers help a bit if you didn't already know them.
  8. KevVader

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    I've been scouring the government auctions here looking for these boots as I've seen pallets of them for auction recently. Problem is you have to buy 5 boxes of other boots as part of the lot. I'm gonna keep looking and I'll post if I can score some....
  9. Bountyhunter Niko

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    Hi there. Try Don []. I got a new set of boots from him for $41 U.S. I live in Australia and he was very helpful.

    Hope this helps. :thumbsup
  10. division 6

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    Looking at your pictures it appears you have a H-I suit.
    I'd have to see all the pack parts to be sure.
    there are a few othe give aways though.

    Send me an email at

    I've put a few of these together, one just before C3 in fact.

    You'll need a dremel or other rotory type tool as well as sand paper, sanding block and body filler for the seams on the back pack.
    Solvent glue or CA.

    I would suggest painting it so all the parts match once done and exposed to UV light.
    Also helps with touch up.

  11. Lupus Yonderboy

    Lupus Yonderboy Well-Known Member

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    I bought my boots from 'atlantictrooper' here on RPF.
    He might still have them in the right size.
  12. Studio Stasis

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    I can help with mukluk boots also. A supplier in my city turned up and he has been able to get a few different sizes to me so far. Let me know if I can help.


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    I got a set of boots last week from sportsmans guide. I ordered size 13 but recieved size 9w. I found that if i remove the heavy liner I can probably put tennis shoes inside and wear them that way. Without the liners they are a few sizes larger.

    is this what most folks do or you leave in the liners in and walk around with hot feet? : )

  14. IanL

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    I'm actually trying to figure this out myself. I think there's enough room in there to get a set of light breathable bedroom slippers and wear those instead of the heavy wool liners. For static events I may wear the boots with no liner.

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