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Hey Kids.

Been ages sence i was able to do a ship or SW kit so.... im tickled to post my newest addition to my collection. Just finished the SMT's SS AT-AT.
Gonna do a snow base for him later.
Nothing against Alfred Wong so plz dont think im slamming him...but....theres allot of VERY inaccurate things to this kit. stuff that just plain isnt there that should be and stuff that should be but isnt. All in all. i fun build up.
Flame away.



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Pretty decent job there. I have one of those SMT AT AT's too that I'm gonna modify as well as soon as I get some current projects out of the way.

I don't think bashing Alfred was cool DS72. Name calling is childish. The SMT AT AT is an 'interpretation' of an AT AT. Of course it's not accurate but it still looks like an AT AT.

For instance the ESB 32" Falcon was an interpretation of the original 5 footer. They didn't go and use the same parts to build ESB 32" but the ESB 32" still looks like the 5 foot Falcon.


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I don't think he was serious. Didn't you notice the smiley face. It was a friendly jab when read in the context of the lead-in post.

I often give critiques of Alfred's work but only because he has a talent. And it can take a little improvement. That's what critique's are for. I try to not be mean though. But I probably sound harsh at times.

It's not like I'm above tearing apart my own work.


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Wow. :eek Very cool.

How big is that thing? Any chance we can see it next to something for scale?


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sucks indeed. The only thing that could even make it close to acceptable would be to have it in my living room. :D I'll even pay for the shipping 'cause thats the kinda nice guy I am.


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Great work, a great build on a very rare kit, im goin green lookin at it lol. In my opinion Alfred takes liberties with all his SW masters, but the final result is always astounding, and back when all we had were AMT doing kits i guess to buy an SMT kit was a no brainer lol, again fantastic work Johda.


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Hey Guys.

Thx for the kind words. i had fun with him.
BlindSquirrel: he comes in at 15.5" tall and 17.5" long. A coke can doesnt quite come up to the lower part of the knee joint
the legs are TOUCHY as hell. cant hardly move him at all for the legs being so easy to break at the glue points and the shocks.

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Originally posted by Johda@Feb 9 2006, 02:22 PM
And there i thought it was SS. sorry about that.
Looks great..

The MR SS AT-AT is about 3-4" taller then the SMT AT-AT.


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The SMT AT-AT is close to studio scale but not. The studio scale AT-AT is about 10-20% larger then the SMT version. Its still an awesome model - even id not 100% faithful to the studio original it is still an awesome scratch build made into a kit ;)

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What are the differences between the SMT and the ATATRON? I think your model looks awesome by the way. :thumbsup


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Originally posted by kevoris@Feb 12 2006, 03:04 PM
What are the differences between the SMT and the ATATRON?  I think your model looks awesome by the way. :thumbsup
Size and accuracy.
The ATATRon is actually slightly larger than the SS MR AT-AT. The ATATRon is also considerably more acccurate than the SMT version (Although it isn't 100% accurate either, just do a search in the Studio Scale Modeling forum for the really long thread about them and definately look for Steve the Swede's pictures of his mods to make it more accurate, very impressive. Hell everyones work in that thread is awesome considering how far I've gotten on my ATATRon, hehehe..)


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what are the best places to get model kits like this? I have always wanted to try one...also what is the height of the at at you built i think the detail and weathering job you did is incredible....


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Originally posted by seswa@Apr 13 2006, 02:57 AM
what are the best places to get model kits like this?
Well first off you will need a time machine :p The SMT At-At has been gone a long time. The got a C&D from LFL back in the day. I would never say never but seeing this kit again any time soon is not something I would hold my breath for.