Small scale Alien Nostromo/refinery platform


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Keep in mind this is a VERY small scale model. The whole thing is around 6 inches long and 5 inches wide. The Nostromo itself is barely over an inch long. The pictures don't do it justice, the flash washes out the fine detail. The whole thing may not be accurate, but at this scale, I'd like to see someone try to be. Even the studio used miniature wasn't identical to their bigger model. This was built from a kit, but that kit was lacking in many areas. It mainly consisted of the top and bottom decks and the four towers. I had to add the detail inbetween, two communication dishes, the rear engines and the Nostromo. I never want to build something that small again.
The rod coming out of the side is so I can attach it to a wall-mounted display. It will be painted black, and hopefully it will look like it's sitting in space.







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It's made by Mini Model Madness. But I bought it from him through eBay, and it cost less than half of what he sells it for on his website.
Mini model madness

The kit consisted of the top and bottom decks and four towers. I had to scratch build the Nostromo, Nostromo extending platform, the rear engines and the detail in between the top and bottom decks. I also added on a bunch of spare parts all over to give it more detail. Parts from battle ships and a star destroyer.


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Hey Dropshipbob,

Seriously nice build up,looking forward to seeing against the black back ground...I like it,I like it a lot.. :D


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Thank you 1138. :)
And the background is going to be much more than just black. I plan on printing out a high res screen capture of the scene wherein the Nostromo/refinery enter orbit around LV-426, and connecting the model to that.
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