Sliders Original Timer Research Project


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Ok, I really want to get one of these things done, and want to make it as accurate as possible. If anyone has anything to add just add the info.

Motorola Micro T-A-C Ultra Lite
-Light Grey Model with Black Buttons

Buttons from the Original Cell phone

3)Black Box-

-Thanks to Sith Sheriff Brody for the Concept Dial-

5)LED Digits-
Possibly From

-Thanks To moviebuff5-

7)Dome on top of the Black Box
Some type of a Desk Magnifier

8)Days Indicator LED Digits

9)Tau,Delta,Zeta LED's
Rectangular LED's

10)Battery Spacer?
I'm Unsure about this, it looks like theirs a spacer on top of the battery where it's connected to the phone base.

There is sometype of clear screen over the black box and where the bargraphs are located


On the Black box there looks to be a notch where the dial starts at.


Here's a Back view of the black box.


Thats what I got for now.

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As I recall the number led's and the bar leds were sold at radio shack along time back, unfortunatly from what I've been hearing and seeing radio shack it going from electronic parts store to more of a cell phone, TV outfit. I'm sure all the Leds can be found online along with the phone. I've seen many of thoes phones on ebay lately. As for the black box it looks like it's just a small project box. Hope some of this helped. I know this project has been done before on here. As I recall the other timer used by the alian dudes, can't remember thier names but it was made from a Sega controler or somthing.

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Wow, that's some good pics. Clearer than anything I've seen previously, anyway, IIRC. Screengrabs from the DVDs? I've got one of the phones that I wanted to convert, but sort of gave up on it ages ago due to lack of enough clear source material. If there is a side shot, that would be very helpful. That back pic shows the cutoff of the antenna section better than any other pics I've got.

I'll have to look at my phone to compare about the "spacer" for the battery pack. Looks more like a simple poor fit to me, but I haven't seen my phone in ages.

The Tau/Delta/Zeta LEDs - could they have made windows over another bargraph LED? Positioning makes it look possible, and if you look at the closeup, it looks like there could be the edges of two LEDs showing. Just a thought.



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Here's Some pic's of the side of the timer in Season Two's Invasion. You can clearly see the black line betweek the battery and the phone. Also It looks like there is 2 switches on the side of the phone. In on of the pic's you can see the depth the dial is placed into the black box. I'll Let you guys be the judge.







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Thanks for the side pics. It does indeed look like there is a spacer. Never noticed that before. Oh well, I'm still going to drag my phone out and take a look...



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Anyone else have any more information? I also Noticed there was a small section of ribbon cable in the flap at the very bottom, when I get on my desktop, I'll post some screen caps. If anyone else has anything they wold like to share, please do. This is a really cool prop that needs to be done right.



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Originally posted by Sith Sheriff Brody@Dec 31 2005, 01:32 PM
It looks to me like the dial has some design around it.


Like this:



its actually a light, it lit up according to how far the dial was turned, it was supposed to represent the power setting the wormhole was at


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Here are a few more shots of the side of the timer.



In the pic above, you can see how the black box was made. The side is not flush it looks more of a stacked look.


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Geez, this is what I miss when my comp explodes? C'mon people, I know you guys can identify these parts. I've been wanting Sliders props for years now. Make it happen, please???


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on the timer what is the black box? kinda looks like some type of voltage meter but I have been unable to find that part that size. also does anyone know where I can find the magnifier piece that is on the front? finding the phone was the easy part. has anyone done the graphic for the top front of the timer? below is the graphic on the flip part of the timer.
here is a link for the front acrylic magnifier lens that should work, will know after buying one.
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