Sliders - is it time for a movie?

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I have NEVER seen a series HATE it's characters so much. mostly because so many people had their hands in the fishbowl.
The professor got his brain drained, turned into an invalid...and wound up getting shot. but, that's not all! he then got his body destroyed on a blown up planet.
Wade got sent to a breeder camp, where she knew the pleasure of kromag mag for about a year... then she had her head chopped off and stuck into a super computer, that later, kind of imploded in on itself.
Quin had the easiest fate. he simply got merged into a new character no one cared about.
Collin got split into a million pieces and got sent hurtling across the universe.
and poor Remmy...the only character left to care about (sorry Maggie fans,she sucked from the start), got sucked into a worm hole, that may or may not have burned him up into a crisp, and back to his home world taken over by millions of kromags. the only characters who could have had a happy ending are new ones no one gave a damn about.

Season one and two where pretty good, then it got weird...

First you introduced the terrible kromags, which I think where an addition that wasn't needed at all. or, if you introduce them, make it so they can be defeated and not an unsolvable problem that could go on forever.. they could easily reboot the series right at the end of this episode, where they explain the last few seasons where all a delusion. Caused by the kromag dream machine. of course, you'd have to prove to the audience that this time it's reality....and they don't pull the same trick twice...

the episode where maggie was introduced was an interesting idea....but not at the expense of the professor. the forced love interest between her and quinn was creepy from the start considering she was married at the time.

then sci fi got into the mix and screwed things up even more, claiming quinn was adopted. any hope of a happy ending for the characters died there.
that plot line soon became forgotten at season 5 where it might as well have been a whole different show. with the worlds cheapest sets and production values.
personally, I think they found home again at the end of the second season opener with the quinn double who was playing a wizard of oz type character on a spooky ghost world.

But, if any series deserves a second chance, I think this one does. it's a shame the original team and actors can't come together to make it happen...maybe netflix?

what where your thoughts of the series?

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Neat concept, meh execution (mehxecution?). I enjoyed it in the first series, but beyond that, didn't really pay attention.

It's a shame it ended poorly, but to be honest, shows like that usually imploded anyway under the strain of networks continuing them just to continue them. But hey, it was the 90s/early 2000s. Network TV was less about storytelling then than it is now.


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It and Andromeda started off well enough, and got run into the ground at the end. I'm rarely in favor of reboots, but in Sliders' case, with the right people involved, it could be a good thing.

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