Shuttle Tydirium models...anyone?


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Hey guys I did a search on shuttle tydirium but found nothing. I would like to see any pics of an ERTL sthuttle tydirium or any other scratch built model any of you guys have built.Please show them ..


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I would like to show the one I have BUT, apparently I'm a image posting idiot.
It is actually the one that was on ebay from England.

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Ivanhotep wrote:
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Here's the circuit card the above builder used to light his kit:
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Is there a translated link for that one also?
I'm just getting a bunch of gibberish on it.

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I'd like to take the credit but it is not mine ...just one I found surfuing and remebered that sombody had a thread asking about the shuttles

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Thanks, the canopy is a little high but it is supposed to look blocky! It is the Animated version from the cartoon! Everything on the cartoon is blocky!



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WRB, it's more that they used the lifesize mockup I think. The two studio models were both on display at MoM, and seemed quite close in most ways. OTOH the Ertl matches the set blueprints pretty well, and those were drawn in London from photos of the model. Then, *some* of the matte shots were painted from reference pics of the mockup while others referenced the models - so you have at least *five* versions of the ship on-screen!

I sent Curtis Saxton some side view drawings that were a bit more accurate a few years ago, he might still have them on his Technical Commentaries page. They were drawn from the patent drawings, the large Kenner toy and pics of the original. I'm redrawing them now that I have a good collection of MoM pics.

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