Showoff: My New DV ROTJ Saber


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At the West Coast Prop Party this weekend I got a big surprise. Obi1kenny slyly calls me over to his table and shows me a couple of sabers...then tells me the one in the box is MINE. I had arranged for ElvisTrooper to build me one, but I was thinking that it would be around Christmas before I saw it. Well, Christmas came early this year.

The detail is incredible, even to the paint which was layered, weathered, painted over, etc. to duplicate the effects of repainting the worn finish of the original. All metal except for the grips. I am amazed by the quality of work.

Check it out.






2 words. You Suck.

OK now a few more words, That kit is the ultimate ROTJ Vader ever. I was only $15 short of getting mine, till Halloween. :angry Damn candy...

Anyway. This pic just makes me even more desperate to get the kit. Time to sell a kid, car or something....

Oh and Kenny, wicked job on the buildup..


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Originally posted by bothanspy@Nov 15 2005, 12:36 AM
I saw that very saber on Kenny's table. It's Gorgeous.  :love

Congrets eltee..  :thumbsup  :thumbsup
Exactly what I was ging to say.
-Great Saber. :thumbsup

James Kenobi 1138

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Hey . I have one of those too. No one builds the ROTJ Saber like Ken, I was BLOWN-AWAY when I recieved mine last year. (Mine is ths solid metal version, not a real graflex) Kens are this best available. I know you will be as happy with yours as I was with mine.


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Well, Thank Ya Very Much my good man. And those are some great pics too, as I didnÂ’t get a chance to get a set of pics of this one myself.

Oh and thanks to the rest of you for all the sweet compliments.



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The ROTJ Vader is my favourite vader saber by a long way - and this particular one looks amazing, it ROCKS.

Fantastic weathering job.



franz bolo

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Since this thread already has some good pics, I thought I'd add mine.

I just got this today. :D

This is an idealized symmetrical ROTJ Vader Saber with aluminum Grips.

I am going to anodize all the parts black rather than spray painting them.

The photos don't do it justice.



wolverine solo

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I got mine when Ken had offered them with a Biskit graflex, made a really great piece for my collection. of all the vader sabers I've had this ones still in my collection.

franz bolo

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Originally posted by jrschmd@Feb 6 2006, 08:18 PM
Looks great. What did you use for weathering techniques?

In the pics, it might look weathered, but it's super clean. No weathering at all.
The grips are duller than the saber, and they aren't made by Kenny.

Everything is shiney metal. I'll try to get a better photo of it. It looks really sweet in person.
I'm going to anodize all the pieces that are supposed to be black rather than paint it.

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