Showing off my new Holo-Emitter

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Hi guys,

here's the newest addition to my collection:

Some screencaps:

When I got this emitter in a partial trade, it looked like this:

The paint was too light, the finish was sloppy and the blank resin was visible on the backside. :rolleyes No offense to the maker, but I just didn't like it. So, I had to do something about it.

First, I stripped the paint:

Then I decided to reinforce the backside with styrene:



Painting the details:

Tadaa. Looks much better now I think. :)


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Originally posted by 17 2006, 12:49 PM
Tadaa. Looks much better now I think. :)
I think so too. Isn't it wonderful what a little time and effort will do? Nice work. :thumbsup


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Very nice clean-up on the emitter, Andreas. It looks really sharp now.

Thanks for posting the build diary, too. I am especially impressed by the difference the addition of the styrene back makes to the finished replica. Great job. :thumbsup

Jedi Lawja

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A nice restoration job. It looks like you replaced the circuit board too - in the 'before' picture the board doesn't fit snuggly in the indent, but does in your finished pics. Also not corroded and dull. Any plans on making the display case?

I've got almost half a dozen of these things. I bought one of 'em, and I kept getting the others as 'extras' with other prop purchases, mostly from AIM. (Thanks, Peter. Are you still out there?) Lowell (Eyes Only) did a beautiful build-up for me, complete with two posts on the back to secure to a garment.

One of the medical tools caught my eye. Not to hijack this thread. It's the one that looks like a dental drill. Anyone have replicas? Thoughts on scratch-building?