Show-off: Scratchbuilt Vader ROTJ Saber

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Hi guys,

just wanted to show you this very first Lightsaber I ever made. It's also actually the very first Star Wars Prop I ever built, 'cause normally do Trek stuff only. As the title says, I did this one for a friend who had a birthday recently. He said I was nuts to go through all the effort, BTW... :D

A *HUGE* "Thank you." goes to Markus (aka OdiWan72) for providing me with the necessary parts. Thanks a lot, buddy.

So, here are the pics:

As you can see, I'm still lacking a correct forward D-Ring, so if one of you has a spare one, LMK. :D

If you've got any questions, post 'em here.

Thanks for looking.


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Message to everyone...who makes vader rotj birthday is only 2 weeks away...May 9th. I can wait a bit for it if it takes time to build.

anyway..that looks great.........


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very impressive....your skills are now complete. I know, that was cheesy. Either way, excellent saber and great pics.

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Thanks guys.

Question since I'm not as much into SW props as you guys are: If this were for sale, how much do you think I could get for it?

Of course neither I nor the new owner of this wants to sell it, I'm just asking out of curiosity...


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welllllll...............ever since MR started making good looking LS replicas, I've found that the a$$ has somewhat fallen out of the market.

I dunno...maybe 150??