Shoulder Gun/Cannon early stages


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Whats up Hunters.
just wanted to put up some pics of the shoulder gun. Used the Pep files found on the site and wanted to try it out. I used the thinnest single ply cardboard I could find. Measured what I used and its about .094" thk or 3/32. Thin enough to fold and fairly strong when you glue it together. I omitted the tabs from each part (just cut them out). Glued the adjacent edges once you line up the parts that mate up to each other. The general shape is there. I'm thinking of laying it over with Smooth-On 320 plastic resin. Could fiberglass..but I'm trying to avoid FG because its messy/hazard main thing is you have to wait for weather to work outside with it (unless you're equipped to do so indoors). I'll provide updated pics. I want to make the armor, shins, shoulder, crotch, chest and back-pack out of EVA/craft foam. Going to try the foam approach with the face mask and bio helmet.
Awesome work posted on this site. Many talented people. Lets keep it up and have fun. Papaz



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