Question Should ALL passwords be changed? (answered)


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Hey guys, I just discovered the RPF a few days ago while searching for help on a Vader school project I'm struggling with. I was blown away when I found this forum and the level of input and activity it has, excited that I had found THE forum :)

Nevertheless, I was unable to sense the dark corruption of the Sith Lord (or wannabe) who has taken over the domain! Luckily, I found a cross-referenced post on another forum informing me of the situation.

That being said, should I change my password on every other site as well (that used the password I used for my hijacked new member account)? Thankfully, that password isn't used for any banking, financial, or email accounts.

Additionally, is there a thread or post somewhere here that gives more detail on what's actually happened, and/or the "how" of it? I'm blown away that something like this could be done, especially of the "magnitude" of this. Scary stuff! And especially to know that it's still out of control and couldn't be resolved with just an authentication phone call to the registrar.

How come it isn't able to be reversed (at least until March, from what I read in another thread)?


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if you use the same password on all the sites you visit, then yes, a pw change is in order. Using the same pw all over the net is not recommended anyway.

The complete breakdown of what happened is discussed in the OT forum. You will get access to the OT once you´ve been a member for 45 days and have made 20 valid posts.

There is sufficient information in the public forums as well, please understand that relevant information can only be made public at a later point.

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