Shane Acker's 9 Dolls

Lucky Nm Slevin

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Just rewatched it again yesterday and was wondering if anybody has attempted to make the whole set of dolls?

Or if anybody has any in depth info on them?
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Re: Tim Burtons 9 Dolls

This is a Shane Acker movie. Tim Burton just Produced it. It isn't Gary Kurtz's Star Wars.


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Making the dolls has been discussed on here before, but no-one has done any yet:

The main problem with them seems to be their size and material. The info given on the pre-production schematics for each of the characters shows them to be about 23cm tall (making the NECA toy figures of 9 and 1 accurate sizes). This small size makes it VERY hard to work with the correct burlap material (especially turning it inside out once sewn - the edges all tend to fray/seperate). I have a 9 started in a very-similar-looking-to-burlap-but-without-the-structural-problems material, but haven't finished him.

I have done the cat beast (well, it's head at least):

And I have make slightly oversized (about 150% to 200% bigger) 9 inspired dolls with my primary school class. I'll get pics of their dolls up once I've uploaded them.


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OK, so here's the dolls that I had a group of Primary 5-7 pupils make over a period of 6 1-hour Art classes. Remember that these were INSPIRED by the 9 movie (they're not meant to be exact replicas) and I was working with a budget of about £10 for materials (polystyrene balls for heads, garden wire for internal armatures, miniature wooden pegs for fingers, wooden pegs for feet). Plus the kids chose the materials for the body that they wanted (some of which didn't exactly match the tone of the film).

Everything on these was done by each of the pupils, including sewing them by hand, making wire internal armatures/skeletons, and customisation. I tried to steer them away from the googly eyes, but they were having none of it! :angry:lol

The hands were a bit of a disaster (they didn't get the air-dry clay wet enough when working with it and they crumbled on almost all of them), but everything else turned out relatively well.


And with my class example shown along side them:



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Dude, you are an awesome teacher, fantastic work by the P5 - 7's!!

Wish there were guys like you teaching when i was a kid, instead of the old bags that made us make pigs out of clay!

How times have changed!!

BTW, love the 9 Dolls, always fancied having a go at one myself, another project for the ever increasing pipeline!!

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Yeah I figured that there would be a few problems due to the size of them, and well when is there not a problem converting something from animated to real world. Thanks for the posts though.

Saw your catbeast howl looks amazing. Love your attention to detail. Well Halloween thing this weekend, so will have to start on this next week and get materials. Am planning on doing all 9.
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