Serenity grenade help


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So I wanted to try and scratch build one of the grenades from Serenity, like the rubber ones from The Propstore of London that were screen used. I have pretty good idea of the size and proportions, but I really want to get it as close to the real ones as possible. Here's what I've got drawn up:

What I'm looking for is someone with one of the screen used grenades, or a cast of one, who would be willing to help out by getting the true dimensions. I could then update the drawing, and IÂ’d know what to start looking for in the way of parts.

Ultimately, I'd love to make a hollow one that would blink red when the top was twisted. To start off though, I just plan on making a hollow or solid version that is true to the original. I've looked around, and I didn't see any fan made ones in here... did I miss someone's work?


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I think Whitefall (a member here) has one of the grenades, he might be able to help out.
I have casts from a screen used one. I'll try and get you measurements later today. You aren't far off though.

If you need a cast of the black knob, let me know :)


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That would be perfect, thanks.

BTW, where'd you get your cast? Does someone have a kit I've overlooked?