Suggestion Sent Private Messages could save to "outbox" by default(?)


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Hey guys,

*New member here so please forgive me if I'm suggesting a stupid idea :)

Right after receiving and sending my first private messages, I immediately thought something was wrong because I couldn't see my sent messages in my "outbox" (Sent Messages folder).

After I asked about it here I was instructed how to set my sent messages to save in the outbox.

But now I'm seeing more threads about the same issue - other people thinking something's wrong ("my messages aren't going through", etc.).

So I thought I'd simply suggest that sent messages would get saved in the outbox by default (at least for new members).

Personally - I always like to keep track of my e-mails and messages so I always know who/what/when I've responded to (and what was discussed).

Also for me, old messages have often turned out very useful much later on when bits of info or quoting old exchanges needed to be dug up.

But yeah, I understand there's a 400 message limit in the mailbox which means people would at some point start having to delete their sent messages (which can also be a hassle).

Of course, an automated system that automatically starts deleting the oldest messages when the mailbox starts getting full might work, but I don't know the technical feasibility of such an option.

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