Seeking advice/suggestions for a new SW costume


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Don't laugh or scoff, but I was brainstorming the other day to come up with an idea for a wearable STAR WARS costume that isn't something that has been done a million times, but would also likely be recognized by most SW fans. I also wanted to think of something that would be fun/funny and interesting.

So, in the end I decided "what the hell" and I think I'll give WAT TAMBOR a shot. Who? You know, Mr. Tambor... head of the Techo Union within the Separatist movement in AOTC/ROTS. A nice cheeseball character that is a nice blend of modern SW and the 30's-50's sci-fi serials that inspired it.

In case a memory refresher is needed, here he is:

Yes, I know that the character was obviously 100% CG. But I do think that this is doable. The head could be sculpted and made out of anything from silicone to resin and the upper body could be either pulled plastic or even metal. For height, I would design it so that I'd actually see out of the circular thing on the neck. And I'd even want someone good with audio to figure out how I can put a soundboard in there to make the transistor sounds with the chest knob (as in the film).

In any case, other than the clothing and some other aspects I am seeking some advice, input, suggestions, etc in how I should go about this. I'd also seek help from anyone willing to help with the project in any facet.

Anyway, I know half of you dont know who this character is and the other half probably think this is the worst idea in the history of ideas (LOL) but I figured where else could/should I solicit for such advice than here.

So, I'm all ears.

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I think it's cool, I look forward to any progress pics you have comming. I think it's neat to go outside the box on costumes because how many Han Solo's or Darth Vaders do we really need at one Con/Show anyways?

Good luck.


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Originally posted by JediCarl@Apr 10 2006, 12:03 AM
Yes, I know that the character was obviously 100% CG. But I do think that this is doable. 
Personally, I wish someone had said that to GL...

I'd say do it, and have it at Dragon*Con, 'cause I'd love to see it.


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Thanks for the words of encouragement so far, guys.

Indeed, my HOPE is to do this, do it right and have it done in time for Dragon*Con.


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That's great. You definitely need to add the soundchip w/feedback. That scene always cracks me up. I'm sure there's away to hook up the knob so that when you turn it back and forth it makes that changing frequency sound.

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I think resin and metal would be too heavy. I think the "organic" parts could be carved out of some rigid lightweight foam and then sprayed with latex (or whatever) to get a skin-like texture. It looks to me like his skin is bumpy and lacks wrinkles, which would not give resin any advantage that I can see.
For the "armor", vacformed plastic, carve details, rub on lots of Rub'n buff ?

I'm just brainstorming... :$


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I love this character, and I would love to see it done right.

The only pictures I have seen of him are like above, where you only see the upper torso. Do you know what the lower half looks like?

I think he would look great in copper, myself. Vacuforming is fine if you are going to make multiple copies, but it is a lot of work to sculpt, mold, and form one piece.

From what I can see, I looks like a one-off could be fabricated, but I don't work with metal enough to say for sure.

I am looking foward to seeing it progress.


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He looks like a giant green tooth with a body, but I do like the look of the character. I don't care much for his portrayal in the films though.


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Thanks, guys.

I was actually able to get some very good reference images (which I can't share online due to LFL copyright) and now know exactly what the character is supposed to look like.

Now to just figure out exactly how to do it. :lol

Actually, I do have a seamstress on the case as far as the fabric pieces. My main needs now will be finding a way to make the sculpted Tambor head and then the copperish body armor and other pieces.

I'll indeed share any updates here.


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He's one of those characters whose comic charm really comes through...I felt sorry for them in the Clone Wars cartoon actually when Anakin trashed them...should be a fun character to play in the "metal" :D


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I love the look of Wat Tambor; I've been pondering doing a costume of it for years now. Definitely post pics and stuff if you get to working on it.

I had been thinking of doing the head part as a latex mask, and actually seeing out of the eyes... but with the shoulders the way they are, I think what you've suggested is pretty smart, but you'd probably still prefer something that looks a bit softer and more rubbery than resin for the skin.

Good luck with it.