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Screen Used "Gozer" Costume from "Ghostbusters"


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Stumbled across this on a rack of "Unidentified" costumes.

There's a few minor runs in the body stocking, and most of the plastic bubbles are dented in due to be crammed on a rack, but I'm going to start the restoration soon.

It even came with 2 pair of shoes!



Sorry for the kind of crappy pics. Just from my cell phone, but I'll do some better shots during the restoration and post them if anyone is interested.



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ok...what magical rack did you pull this from. this is amazing, i think its the first time i have actually ever seen this costume so close. in the movie i always thought it was "foam" haha. wow AWESOME find!!!


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The guy who owned the company before we moved in would go to the studios and just pull stuff off of racks that were being thinned out. I don't think anybody remembered the significance and it just fell thru the cracks...fortunately! :love

And the previous owner didn't know what it was, either, he just thought it was interesting and maybe something he could rent.

It got pulled off a rack here and hung in a hallway for a couple of weeks of me walking by it. One day a light bulb went off and voila!


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How great!
Amazing nobody knew what it was.
Really amazing considering that Ghostbusters was and is
so massively popular.

I love when stuff gets rescued.

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