Scratch Built GB1 Proton Pack (Image Heavy)


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Ok, so big update:

It's been awhile, but I got everything painted, lights installed and my barrel extending, all at the same time! Getting the lights installed was a challenge, and adding my launching mechanism inside the rats nest was even more fun, but it all works!

The wand is pretty much done, just have to weather it and attach it to the pack. That will be my next challenge, as the wand is much heavier than I anticipated, even using lightweight materials, and I'm worried it will damage the gun mount on the pack, so I'm going to have to go back and reinforce my pack too. I also went ahead and wired it to connect to the GBFans soundboard (The grey cable hanging out the back). I don't have it yet, but will be purchasing it, so went ahead and saved myself the work in the future, just have to run it up the wire loom and into the pack.

I did my best to capture and replicate all the details I found on the screen used props, from the wires running from the front barrel handle to the wand body, to the unfilled, drilled hole just behind the front handle. It's obviously not perfect, but for a scratch built wand, I'm extremely proud of it.

BTW, that heat shrink on the wand ear? Yeah, that was a nightmare to negotiate, lol.

Anyways, here are some detail pics:

Photo Oct 22, 10 44 31 PM.jpg

Photo Oct 22, 10 45 27 PM.jpg

Photo Oct 22, 10 45 07 PM.jpg

Photo Oct 22, 10 47 26 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 22, 10 46 12 PM.jpg

Photo Oct 22, 10 46 50 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 22, 10 47 07 PM.jpg

And here's a video where you can see me testing everything out:

That's it! Almost done, for real this time! Just have to age the wand, mount it to the pack, reinforce the pack AND install my pack light kit. Ok, maybe not quite done, but I'm almost there!

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