Scratch-built DC-15


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First off I want to say that this is my first big scratch build. Well besides my Captain America Shield sled but that was more painting. Alright on to the good stuff:

As if if building, siding, wiring and finishing a new garage/workshop wasn't enough I decided to take on a project I've wanted to do for a long time, a CW DC-15 blaster. Now this will not be 100% accurate, I'm taking some artistic liberties :p. The front nozzle is the main difference. Went out today and picked up some plumbing PVC parts to use for the barrel.

Got home, drew out where I wanted the lines and got to work on the table saw. Boy was that a lot of work to get semi strait lines and even now they don't look so great....:facepalm So I cut the grooves in and then sanded the logos on the couplings and such off.Then I cut the bushings down a little bit an put them together for the first trial. I also used some flat aluminum to make an initial version of the stock.

Either tonight or tomorrow morning I'll be running out to get some wood or MDF for the handle and some more plumbing parts to finish up the barrel. Let me know what you think!


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Got to the store today and made some more progress. First off I want to say than you to smoothrat for posting his build and templates. I used his templates as a base and then tweaked them to fit my design for the barrel and to change the handle a little. So I got some mdf and cut out the layer which are clamped together as we speak.

Next I finished the front end of the barrel with some more couplings. Pretty much done with this part although I may fill in the grooves between the first 2 end pieces.

I also started to fabricate the cone-ish piece between the barrel and handle area. I cut a small funnel down to the diameter of the coupling segment and then put on a very sloppy bondo coat to cover the gap. I've made more progress than shown in the pic with sanding it smooth.

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:eek^^ My bondo work looks even worse when its enlarged


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Test Fit! Couldn't resist. Still have a lot of small parts to add and a TON of sanding. How did I get myself into this mess:facepalm

- - - Updated - - -

I don't really know why my image is upside down.... Its fine on photobucket
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