Scratch built 16 inch B wing


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Been working on this since October. After months of glueing and scraping and sanding....and sanding. I can finally start to see the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. Hope Im on the right path. Any input appreciated.
Thanks for looking.
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Well sir, color me impressed! Fantastic work! I'd be interested in reference materials used and your process for constructing all the parts. Any vac forming? Carved out of wood and resin cast? 3-d printed? Details, man...details! lol


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Sure looks like an accurately proportioned B-wing and extremely impressive for a scratch build!

Are you going to make the wings movable, or glue them in a fixed position?

Since I love finding out what similar sized stuff I can display with things...based on what Star Wars databank claims the length is (16.9 meters) this would wind up being around 1/42 scale!

Should pair great with a Di Agosntini Falcon, the MPC X-Wing etc...

Any plans for a pilot figure? You might be able to get away with a 1/48 pilot as the base for one


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Thanks Korben, I don't do any vacu-forming although I want to build a machine one day.
I made the main wing from foam board folded to make the airfoil. Then I wrapped it in 10.0 styrene and layered it with panels etc. The top piece is a combo of plastic jars, ribbed styrene, a plastic Easter egg, a silly putty egg and some tank tracks. I use the Lowe's for sale signs for my main plastic source. They are about .036 thick and work quite well for basic shapes.
If I make a hollow shape from styrene and need to reinforce it I use "Elmer's Damaged Wood" from Lowe's. Its a 2 part epoxy resin that mixes just like Aves epoxy sculpt. It cures to a rock hard smooth finish with no shrinkage and no smell. I pack it into my hollow styrene form and the next day I can sand it to any shape I want. (very similar to wood).
As for reference, I just used each and every pic from the internet and the RPF of a B-wing (that I liked) to use as a guide and size/proportion scale.


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Thank you Analyzer

Pilot figure????,, might steal one of my Bandai snow speeder dudes...
Scale...? 1/43 or 1/48? somewhere in the middle. I want to display it right next to my MPC Red 1 model and its a 1/43 (or so I'm told)
Yes, the wings will be movable(on a hinge) to any position as will be the front cockpit piece. I mounted it on a magnet swivel base so it can rotate 360.


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It's bad manners to post pictures from the LucasFilm studio as your own you know.
Nice results and my compliments to your skills. My second favourite SW space fighter (after the y-wing).


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I love seeing how people go about constructing stuff weird shaped parts. Its fascinating and a great way to learn some tricks


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That is very impressive. More pics of when you first started.
Sure is a shame they couldn't have added more B-wing in Return of the Jedi. Darn blue screen technology.