Scout Trooper alternative pep build..


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After having a little break from my stormtrooper build I decided to get cracking with my Scout Trooper lid. After certain issues I had with the last build, I decided to try and get it somewhat accurate before the bondo was applied.

As this is more like a sculpt and im going to be either vac forming or creating a mold from it, and the fact that i'm severely restricted in the money department, I decided to try and sculpt from expanding foam (as I had a spare can already in the garage).....

Pepped and filled with foam....

IMGP9881 by dobinio, on Flickr

IMGP9883 by dobinio, on Flickr

a day or so later, I started removing the pep, just leaving the foam and started hacking!

IMGP9884 by dobinio, on Flickr

IMGP9885 by dobinio, on Flickr

started adding bondo to those potholes!

IMGP9887 by dobinio, on Flickr

IMGP9888 by dobinio, on Flickr

not sure if it will work out as planned, but only one way to find out!!!!!
How badly did the expanding foam distort the exterior of the Pep Helmet? It looks like a few areas bust their seams?
It wasn't too bad to be honest, I coated the outside with a layer of resin (its one I acquired from work and doesn't go as hard as fiberglass resin). I should really have done it in a few goes instead of all at once!

It's really easy to work with a Sharp knife, plus it sands down too.

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Interesting, I've known about this method in theory, but haven't really seen this used on pepakura helmets. I hope this build goes well for you and I will be following this build with great interest. That great stuff is a pain to get off your hands before it cures if you don't wear gloves.
Cheers mate, its going pretty well at the moment so fingers crossed....and yes, the stuff sticks like **** to a blanket!

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