Scott's Spidey suit WIP


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Hey Everyone! Been on the forum here for a while but haven't actually tackled any big projects yet. I've been working on this suit for a year and a half so far, been extremely busy and didn't want to create a post before I had any actual progress done. Purchased a Sonjou TASM pattern and had it printed on lycra. Absolutely beautiful, I could not be happier with the detail of the print, Sonjou did an amazing job and I am grateful he allowed me to purchase it from him. Also purchased two pairs of TASM2 Lenses from Tjack here on the forum as well as his TASM2 Faceshell. I wasn't too big a fan of the TASM lenses so I decided to go with the ones from the second movie.
Started out with a Sonjou TASM print

TASM2 Eye lenses from Tjack

Puff Painted Chest

Some higher quality photos

Also question for anyone experienced with making these types of suits. I want to make my suit stand out from other TASM suits and I've always loved the Armpit webs in the comic variations of spidey's suit, anyone have an idea of a material I could use for those for my suit or how I would go about it? Thanks
Nice work Scott, I love sonjus pattern but I feel the red is to dark but thats my preference.
Hope you keep us updated!
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