Sci-Fi Kits&items for sale


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Is there anyone out there interested in commercial,and or garage Sci-Fi kits?I have a nummber of them,far too many to list here.Many are commercial kits(most are original MPC Star Wars)some are Star Trek kits,and a large scale Vinyl Star Wars kit.I have a few garage star trek kits in various stages of assembly.All of these kits are unstarted with the exception of two garage kits,one with major modifications,one with only minor.I'd really like to sell all of them.I am moving very far away,and I can't take them with me.I will offer very good "package deals" for anyone interested in all of the kits,or a few(preferibly 3 kits,or more).If you would like to see a list of what I have.

Please e-mail me at: with your e-mail address so I can send the lists directly to you.

I do have a few other items of interest,Star Trek books with good reference pictures and information,a copy of The Star Wars Chronicals(a very rare,numbered Japanese relese in 1995-96),some posters(again,good references)a signed&numbered Star Trek Lithograph signed by Andrew Probert,and a number of Sci-Fi Magazines like Cinemafantastique&Star Log(covering Blade Runner,some in Aliens(I think)&Star Trek)and numerous Cinefex Issues covering alot of FX in films.


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Here are a few items I have that will be good buys(particularly for those new to model building)&useful tools incase you don't have these things yet.You can purchase any number of items,but you'll make out far better if all are purchased as I will make a nice package deal.I have:

Brand New: Binks Air Compressor w/water trap&adjustable air pressure gage(starts right up)-$250.00

Brand New: Pasche H Airbrush w/hard plastic case,paint cup,&wrenches/tools (for dissassembly)-$50.00

Brand New: Approx. 3Ft. of braided/polyester airbrush hose
(previously thought it was longer)-$20.00

Brand New: Three 3oz. paint jars for Pasche Airbrush
$5.00 ea. all three-$15.00
One 1oz. paint jar for Pasche Airbrush-$4.00

Buy all paint jars-$15.00

Purchase Everything for $275.00 (buyer pays S&H+optional insurance)

If anyone is interested,please e-mail me at:
Or p.m me through the forum,but I prefer you contact me through my given address.

Feel free to ask me any questions reguarding these items.This will be handled on a first come,first sever basis.I will keep all informed as to any previous sales and what items remain.

Thank you for your interest-John
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