Round2 to repop The Black Hole Cygnus, Maxmilian and Vincent kits

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I hope they decide to release the Cygnus in amber tinted clear styrene- the lighting was so much of that ships design. I painted my original kit in metallic gold to try and simulate that look

If they can make an Enterprise in clear, they can do the Cygnus. The decision whether or not to do so, may already have been made.

Be still my heart!

A good project might be to use these Cygnus kits with each fuselage as a space station arm to dock with more detailed 3D print versions of Cygnus—perhaps use 3D prints to add detail.

Folks used to buy two to get that extra segment…but one could split one down the middle (stem to stern) to make a wider, more detailed version, like in one of the paintings.
In the R2 WF video, they said adding the Cygnus extra section is BEING CONSIDERED -- IF FEASIBLE -- as well POSSIBLY as being cast in clear. He then said it depended on the molds. So I have a feeling they haven't even seen the molds yet.

* Add 3rd section which will require a whole new center section (top and bottom parts) redesigned.
* The pipes running on top and the model stand will need lengthening.
* The antennae are all wrong and the tower/domes antenna are incomplete.
* There should be NO flat spaces on the hull, it's all girders.

Finally only the hull needs to be in clear -- tower, antennae, engines, pipes can be opaque. Clear plastic can be very brittle for delicate parts like antenna. That's a lot of work, and a lot of $$$ invested for R2.


When this is reissued, the "eye" lens needs to have an option for this. Either a decal placed inside the lens or optional plastic HEAD to put behind the eye lens. Also, a lighting kit for this will be dead simple, just a red LED, maybe slightly pulsing.

The Vincent kit could benefit from vinyl paint masks, its color panels and lines etc are pretty elaborate. LOL you could actually put a tiny LED TV screen in its belly these days.
It would be awesome if they remade and reissued the robot from ‘Forbidden Planet’ (I can’t remember if we’re allowed to say his name lest we get a C&D)

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