Saw Trap - Reverse Bear Trap


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Just though i would share my next build for folks, i notice there are no build files so will upload some as soon as i have completed blueprints for sizes ect.


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Very nice, dude! I'm also a huge fan of the saw movies and made my own reverse bear trap a while ago! And I have my puppet, Billy :)


But it looks like you have a great prop in the making!


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Hey melfe, that sounds like an awesome plan. Are you sizing based on reference photos?

Did you make the trap in the pics? It looks stupendous.

Justin burton

New Member
That is just right down awesome!! We well the haunted house I work made one but wee are trying to get one that is lighter....How much does yours weigh? Would you be interested in making another one and selling it? Would be great to here back from you....Thanks
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