Savage Industries - EDC Three


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During the lock down period I took some time to fabricate a new tote for the beach (sure it was late Autumn but that didn't stop me).

I used some reclaimed PVC coated canvas (marquee panels) thus negating the need for a liner. It required some clever planning so I could get all the pockets / support stitching in without it being visible on the outside panels. Really pushed the limits of the old school (but well built) domestic Janome sewing machine.

The PVC has an extra feature - hems and be folded then heat fused with a sheet of baking paper and a hot iron which makes edges (on the pockets in this case) extra crisp and negates and extra run of stitching.

I initially thought the tote was too small but the pockets easily help sort / store a complete seaside adventure. Next time I'll make the handles slightly longer to enable an easier shoulder carry. Still waiting for the closure buckle to show up in the impossibly slow mail.

Anyhow - thought I would share!







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Cool! Love the EDC bags! I picked up an EDC One not too long ago along with a DIY kit to make my own.

Nice work!


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