Sanding & Polishing Polyeuretahane clear-cast


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Anyone know the best products for sanding and polishing a finished polyurethane clear cast object?

I read somewhere that clear nail-polish could be used to shine a sanded part?

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I did mine with finer grades of sandpaper up to 2000. I then used novus number 2 with a polishing wheel on a dremel to give it a perfectly clear appearance. The peice I did was a Rangefinder on my Boba Fett helmet.


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According to BJB enterprises

"wet sand with 600,1500 then 2000 grit wet/dry paper

Buff the part with Schlegel #1 buffing pad and 3M perfect-it rubbing compond

Finish it with Schlegel #2 pad and 3M perfect-it foam polishing glaze"

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Definatley do the wet-sanding with ever finer paper. If you don't have/can't find buffing compounds, here's an old chestnut I've been using since the early 80's. TOOTHPASTE. Use as a buffing compound with a soft shammy. I've also used a fingernail buffing pad to finish it off after the wet sand and toothpaste.



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Sounds stupid but I use the cheapest toothpaste I can find (pearl drops, or pepsodent) and water on clear stuff. When smooth future or rain-x.