Paint: Looking for a clear alternative to Testor's Metalizer sealer.

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I used to use the Testors Model Master Sealer for Metalizer 1409 as a top coat over my replica gun props. My main reason for this was the fact it didn't change the color of the finished piece and protected the finish. Typically for gun/blaster style props, I use a flat black top coat, weather, then I used the TMS to seal everything in place as a protectant. If you use fine grain steel wool on flat black, it gives it a nice "real gun" grey-ish black color. Using Krylon clear sealant turns the flat-ish black to a super dark, midnight black, completely changing the surface color and ruining the effect.

So, any suggestions for an alternative product to the Testors? Rustoleum bought the company apparently a few years ago and ceased the entire Model Masters line of products. :(

Thanks in advance, and thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. ;)
I have had excellent luck with Testors' Dullcote. It's a flat clearcoat the totally disappears. I haven't tried using it as you described, but it is my go-to for flat clearcoating.
I guess what I need to do is take some plastic spoons, paint it with my base/Top coat, then spray that with the clear to see which gives the best results. It's really too bad the original Testors stuff Isn't available. I bought like a small case of it the last time I used it, 8-10 bottles I think.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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