(S.O.)Nomad The Prop

Commander Max

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I've been working on Nomad for years. First I created the plans(with help, Thanks Keith, AJ, Steven), then thought, I'll get to it someday. This year I started, six months later...
It does light up and I plan to add audio. I'm going to incorporate speakers into the case.
Now I just have to get it's case. (Thank God for Ikea).

Beagle Bill

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Really cool. Any "found" items or did you have to fabricate everything from scratch? He looks perfect. :thumbsup


phase pistol

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Aces. :thumbsup

Now you have to rig him up on a complex series of overhead lines, so he can appear to glide around the house. Careful going under those doorways. :p

- k


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Flipping awesome sir- More pics (lit) when you get them please- How did you fabricate it?

Really great man, one of my favorite robots-



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Very nice work. Looks terrific.

I'm looking forward to your answers to the queries already posted. I'd also like to know whether any of the antennae extend.

Way cool. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup


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Careful going under those doorways. :p
Thats when you pull out the dolly. ;)

Commander Max

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Thanks for the comments everybody. This I consider my first complete prop.
So I'm new at this.

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WOW, well how was this done...[/b]
I started with screen grabs to work out the shape. I got some things down, but size was a problem. They did state that Nomad was a fraction over one meter(that's not very helpful it could mean anything, this is a prop after all, could you imagine, "Hey Lenord how long is your hand?" That would go over well).
At this time I found the Nomad thread on the Dewback Wing. I saw that one guy(Commodore Starska) had figured out a general idea of size. I took his info and modified my model.
From there everthing fell into place. I created a set of plans(which the Commodore hosts, I will be updating them shortly).

I own a small design company(mainly drafting at the moment). And times have been good, so I bought a 3d printer. Before anybody screems foul. Remember nothing about computers is easy. Neither is modeling, its real easy to glue a model together. Making it look good is another story entirely.

To answer your question most of Nomad was printed. This was easy, getting everything to fit, took alot of sanding, filling, sanding, machining, reprinting, filing, hair pulling, filing, sanding, and more sanding, even more sanding. (get the picture). Then painting, wetsanding, painting, CRAP. sanding, painting, wetsanding. Etc, Etc. Etc.........Having computers do the work is easy. Oh, yea. Real easy.

This Nomad is stacked on a 2" tube. Which is it's primary support. I didn't want to hang it and it would have made the model more complicated. So making the tabletop version made more sense. I left the extending antennae out, I have ideas about making all of the antennae extend. I didn't have the room on this model.
There is still stuff above the head and the tube goes through the head. (If you look at the show you would see they had troubles with antennae)

Nomad does light up. The crown lights up(for getting rid of red shirts). The cap lights up. I'm going to sync the voice lights(red, yellow) with audio. The last lights(green) just blink. There are 5 per panel. I have a good source for the bulbs. I'll post the link later.

Please post any questions.


I forgot,
Nomad stands about 4' tall. I guess that's about a fraction over one meter(1.2m).


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Thanks for sharing the details with us. Very enlightening.

You wouldn't happen to have a build diary or pics of the work in progress, would you? I'd be fascinated to see how it all came together.

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And times have been good, so I bought a 3d printer. Before anybody screems foul. Remember nothing about computers is easy.[/b]
Don't look at me. :) I'm sure not gonna scream foul for using a 3D printer. On the contrary, it's a great tool and if you can afford to add one to your prop-building arsenal, I say, more power to you. (Besides, it sounds as if you sanded off all your fingerprints making this thing, anyway. :p )

Very nice work, Max. :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

Krel Jedi

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That is awesome. I've always wanted to have the TOS Romulan cloaking device, which uses the antennae housing of the nomad. You give me hope.