Done / Completed ROTJ DL-44 & E-11 Delrin Scopes


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A few years ago now I designed and machined a Delrin Scope for my MGC E-11 Build Project - I'm looking to have another made up for myself and someone and thought i'd post here also a 'mini run'.

These Delrin Scopes are copies of the ones used in ROTJ and have been scaled from reference and prototyped to the extreme to produce (what I believe is) a very accurate replica of the Delrin Scope Bodies.

You can attach your plastic cap of choice to finish the piece.

Price will be £45 plus shipping for each one. I will keep it open until the 31st to gather interest, then will close and send the parts to the machine shop. I'd like to keep the run small so I will limit it to 14x spots. Each order will come with a STL for the Plastic Cap and also a STL for a cap holder.


Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 17.58.24.png
Screenshot 2024-01-17 at 17.58.43.png


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Bumping this - I will be also printing some scope caps in MJF Black also for people to purchase.

Some Vintage Scope Rings may also be available!

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