Rorschach Mask, movie style *Pics added*


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Here's a Rorschach watchmen mask I picked a while ago. Just got around to taking photos.
It's a hood with an open face, then the mask has a formed face inside.
It's wearable. I like it because it's not just a spandex mask. It has the movie-like shape to the face.
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Re: Rorschach Mask, movie style

I bought it second hand, from another mask collector. It was made by KMD Artistry...not sure if they are still around, as the website is down.
But I know Tom Spina has worked with Kelly...might be a contact there.
Pic really do not do this justice...I'll try to take more later

Re: Rorschach Mask, movie style

can you estimate how much it ran you second hand? just trying to buffer an estimate, been wanting to finish my Rorschach with a dead on mask for a while now and this is by far the closest Ive seen to the movie
Re: Rorschach Mask, movie style

$400 is what I think I paid for it. Now I've heard rumors, yet not confirmed that this MIGHT be, not for sure...that this is one of only 2 or 3 made, the others were part of a 1:1 figure he made. Again not sure. So it's pretty rare.
Re: Rorschach Mask, movie style

More it breaks down. The hat holds the face mask on, fits over the top of the mask to hold it. If I do end up wearing it as a costume I will add velcro to the back where it splits. Added a shot of the inside.


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