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    Sorry for the massive length of this post, it's condensed down from a few other posts on other forums.

    So I've decided to make some armor. Halo Spartan Mk VI Mjolnir armor to be exact. I'm hoping to have it ready for next years cons. Starfest would be nice, but definitely by NanDesuKan in September.

    First thing I decided I needed to do was get used to the whole folding and assembling aspect of papercraft. I decided a simple, low-res, OG Halo spartan helmet would be a decent start to honing my skills. I didn't bother with scale or good cardstock because this was just going to be a throwaway project to get my feet wet with. I'm just using regular paper cut with scissors, folded by hand and glued with a gluestick. Later pieces will use heavyweight cardstock that I've used an Xacto knife to cut, straight edge scored fold lines and superglue.
    On my first night I managed to get the back half of the helmet completed
    2010-10-26 00.27.31 by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    Spent last night catching up and finishing the practice helmet. This really has been a great learning process, it's got me jazzed to keep going.
    The pic doesn't show it but I did put the center reinforcements in place just to hold everything steady and center it up. I'll probably cut them out and give the helmet to my daughter to play with.
    2010-10-26 22.32.35 by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    Now to run to the store for some cardstock and superglue!

    Well here's what I managed to complete tonight. I picked up a ream of 110lb cardstock earlier and I got the high resolution Halo 3 helmet all scaled to my size and printed it out. All 44 pages of it, the practice helmet was 12 pages :eek:
    What have I gotten myself into? :laugh: :paranoid: :laugh:
    2010-10-29 01.27.55 by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    Yes, that stack of paper is the same height as the pen in front of it. 44 pages of cardstock for one helmet. It all has to be precision cut and folded for the whole thing to turn out right. :nervous:

    (quick note here: I messed up the first helmet {and several other pieces} with incorrect sizing. I'm not going to bother posting pics of that)

    WALA! The pep work on the helmet is finished!!!!!!!!! :grinbig:
    Halo helmet paper final by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    BIG UPDATE!!!!
    I finished the main part of the chestplate!
    chestplate back quarter by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    chestplate front quarter by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    Front under by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    front upper by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    back by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    And I decided to put the helmet with the chestplate
    helmet and chestplate by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    And that looked so cool that I just had to play with the lighting...

    Legendary baby
    legendary by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    Left Bicep and shoulder done
    halo armor left arm upper by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    Right arm by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    Finally an update!

    Left handplate by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr
    Right handplate by ronineclipse2g, on Flickr

    Guess I should update this more often, huh?
    Forearm. It only took 3 tries to get this the right freaking size.
    Left forearm by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Codpiece/"space diaper"
    Halo codpiece by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Also everything above the waist has been resined and the helmet has been fiberglassed. Pics to come later on those.

    Stuff that's been resined!
    Ab and hand plates by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Forearms by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Chest front by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Chest rear by RoninsArt, on Flickr

    And now for the part that I've actually fiberglassed :eek:
    helmet back by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Helmet right by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Helmet left by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Helmet front by RoninsArt, on Flickr

    And I did have a casualty. The right shoulder fell off the workbench and into the path of a Dodge Stratus
    Busted right shoulder by RoninsArt, on Flickr
    Shoulder damage by RoninsArt, on Flickr

    I have also decided on a color scheme. White with a black reflective visor. I shall be... The tamed Warthog driver...
    Some say that he's driven over more covenant than he has shot, and that his grenades aren't where you'd expect them to be...
    He's not the Stig... But he is, The Stig's Spartan cousin!

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