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    I'm interested in buying some of the kits offered by I noticed that many of the kits offered include room for electronics upgrades, but none are offered on the site. This seems to have been the case for quite a while.

    So I'm wondering what the rest of you do. I'm not interested in TNG tricorders so much, more like TWOK phaser, Cage laser, TMP tricorder and the Klingon disruptors. Are there custom kits available that I'm just not finding?

    Also are there better options available for the kits they DO offer? Say, the TOS communicator. It beeps when opened. Nice, but is there an upgrade out there that sports the call signal? Or maybe Scotty dialogue?

    I understand that some people have gutted Playmates toys and used those. For those of you who have done this, how did it turn out?

    Anyway, I'm just looking at options. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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