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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Marrow Sun, May 14, 2006.

  1. Marrow Sun

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    Like the description says, I'm looking for that blue/silver colour they used on the RC2 suit. If there are any experts around that could help me out I'd appriciate it.

  2. falcondesigns

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    Paint the model silver then shade with a mist of Tamiya clear blue.Alexander
  3. Marrow Sun

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    Thanks for the tip. :thumbsup

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  4. GeneralMayhem

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    After a gray primer coat, I painted mine with Metallizer Titanium, then airbrushed over it with blue and purple india inks, followed by a clear acrylic sealer coat. Worked like a charm and matched the photos of the suit from the Cinefex article to a "T".

    ~ GM
  5. fettster

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    If you want it to flip colours like the film, them paint it silver, go to . they sell small bottles of flip paint. they do a blue,teal,purple laquer which you airbrush on it layers and it will give you the same effect as the movie suit.

    pm me if you want details

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