RIP Richard Moll

They say its suppose to be in threes...but theres been so many famous people dying all of a sudden, its more like 33.
80 is a little better aged, but still too soon....but at least better than Harry Anderson, who died at 65....
I still watch episodes of Night Court when I'm on the spin cycle. One of the 80's shows I still have in semi regular rotation. Only a few people still around now. John Larroquette and Marsha Warfield are the only main cast members left now that I can think of.

EDIT: Looks like Art the Janitor (Mike Finneran) is still around as well.
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I was never an avid viewer of Night Court, so I'll always remember him as "Big Ben" in House (1986), which I loved back in the day...

I was hoping we'd at least see a cameo on the new series. Oh well.
Ironically he was asked and turned it down while Marsha Warfield wasn’t asked but said she would if they wanted her.
I would have watched it if he was back. Bull had a lame ending in the original series and in my head cannon that never happened.

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