RIP: Norm MacDonald

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Norm almost lost it twice during his last Letterman appearance knowing the end was near.

I've watched and rewatched this moment many times over the years. It was one of the few times he wasn't "on" and the sincerity in his voice is truly moving. He paid such an eloquent and heartfelt tribute to his hero and sadly now he himself is gone. I may not have followed his career steadily but I always perked up whenever I came across him because he was one of the absolute standouts during his tenure on SNL.

I'm really going to miss seeing him cracking other comedians up and likewise making me laugh hysterically.


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I guess Norm finally proved his point. That Germans love David Hasselhoff!

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RIP Norm

Burt Reynolds Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live
That gif is his Burt Reynolds.


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I did a set at an open-mic I frequent as Norm MacDonald tonight, tailoring my jokes to something I thought you'd hear on Weekend Update.

The crowd was mostly comprised of 21 year old girls who didn't know who Norm MacDonald was or the kind of jokes he did. They didn't get it.

It was inadvertent and serendipitous, but it wound up being the most fitting tribute to the man I could possibly think of.
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