RIP character actor Fred Ward

Probe Droid

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Bummer. Always enjoyed him on screen. He disappeared after a hot streak of a decade or so in big movies. Always wondered what happened to him.

Rest easy, Fred.


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Great actor, who brought class to everything he was in. One of my favourite guilty pleasure movies is the under-rated 'Cast A Deadly Spell' from the early 1990s. A brilliant performance from Fred as the cynical Sam Spade style PI hero of this excellent 'noir' Lovecraftian comedy-horror. Great cast too, including Julianne Moore and that other genre great, David Warner.

He'll be missed.


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Aw Man, and “Remo Williams, The Adventure Begins“, just came out on Blu-Ray

Loved him in his many roles, Always a treat to watch him


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I was watching “Southern Comfort” last night and thought how sad it was that Powers Booth and now Fred are no longer with us.....


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For me as a kid, I knew him as Remo Williams and Earl (from Tremors). As an adult, I knew him as Henry Miller. Rest in peace, Mr. Ward. :*(


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still holds up imo
There was a time that was our go to movie of choice down at the local video store..
I loved those old Vid stores..
Cruelty shut down bt the likes of Ritz then Blockbuster and the price hike from a dollar/pound or under to $2.50 was criminal....

Oh but you get it for three nights was their reply pft..
At least they got theirs by not investing in Netflix when they had the chance.
Don't get me started on those postal video services..

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