Limited Run Rick Grimes Alexandria Constable Patches Run (Shoulder and Badge)


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Rick Grimes Alexandria Constable Patches (Shoulder and Badge)

Hi everyone! I am Hacksaw Jack and you may be familiar with my Rick Grimes cosplays (Links in the signature). As you all know, a new uniform for Rick Grimes was revealed in episode 512. Naturally, I immediately began working on fabricating the custom patches since i figured the rest of the uniform would be easy enough to piece together. So I've got a patch run in production and should be ready for shipping on 3/18.

I consider these to be about 90-95% screen accurate because without having one in front me laying flat, there is not way to guess perfectly. But based on the screen shots I have, these are almost perfect.

Here is a closer look at the screen grabs and my recreation:
Shoulder Patch:
11024744_344340839101945_2238656137588443434_n.jpg unnamed_censored.jpg
Badge patch:
11046646_344244459111583_5790409443502914929_n.jpg unnamed (1)_censored (1).jpg

NOTE: The Latin phrase is "blurred" on the proofs to protect the design. Will be clear on the final result.

If you are looking to do this costume, you will need two (2) shoulder patches for the shirt, two (2) shoulder patches for the jacket and one (1) badge patch for the jacket.

Pricing options:

A. Individual shoulder patch - $10+$1 Shipping
B. Individual badge patch - $10+$1 Shipping
C. 2 shoulder patches (or 1 each) - $18+$1 Shipping
D. 2 shoulder patches and 1 badge patch - $25+$2 Shipping
E. 4 shoulder patches and 1 badge patch - $40+$2 Shipping

I hope to have these in hand on 3/12 in time to get my costume ready for Walker Stalker Con Dallas. If you are interested, shoot me a message or comment with questions.

Hacksaw Jack

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I knew someone would do this haha
Also, just so you know, in the Talking Dead aftershow, the costume designer does a bit about the new costume, if you haven't seen it.


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Also, is there a red inline on top of the gold border?

I toiled over that same thought. But when I compared multiple angles and screen grabs, it seemed inconsistent which made me think it was a like reflection thing in the segment. Kind of like the blue/black dress vs the white/gold dress. The inconsistencies made me think the red was an illusion created by the rounded edges of the gold patch. So that was ultimately why I went with gold.


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